The following testimonials are from some of his satisfied clients: (Names have been changed for ethical reasons.)

"Dennis Castro is an amazing interpreter. He was the lead interpreter in a homicide trial that I adjudicated, and I must say, I was completely impressed with his professionalism and his skill."

Judge William S., Superior Court Judge


"In all my years of practicing law, I've worked with many interpreters of different languages. Dennis Castro is a highly skilled Tagalog Interpreter and a true professional."

Meghin G., Tenant/Landlord Attorney


"We always call Dennis first for all of our Tagalog assignments. He always gets the job done and all of our clients are very happy with his services."

Maria S., Interpreter Coordinator


"Dennis Castro's interpeting and communication skills are extraordinary. With a voice like his, he should be on the radio."

John P., Director of Training Office of the Public Defender